7 Reasons To Join A Professional Community

7 Reasons To Join A Professional Community

Support From Seasoned Peers

One major advantage of belonging to LeTip is gaining access to professionals who have seen it all and have some great “war stories” to share. Not only do these mentors have great advice about their  proven best strategies, but these more experienced professionals also know a lot more people than you do and are often willing to connect you to additional resources. That alone is reason to join a professional  community.

A Community Management Team

Another major benefit of belonging to a well-run community is having access to a professional community management team. For example, you will obtain tools and partners that connect you to curated business resources with warm introductions at hand.

Access to Discounted Vendors and Services

If you’re just starting a business, you need to figure out everything from payroll to marketing to insurance all on your own. Luckily, many professionals in the community can help you access what you need, often at a better price. Belonging to a community unlocks access to top vendors and services like insurance, payment processing and marketing, often at a steep volume discount. You never know what opportunities you can come across when you surround yourself with professionals

Curated Networking

It can be lonely at the top, especially in today’s world. Today’s entrepreneurs spend a considerable amount of time traveling or working remotely. In the midst of working hard, it’s easy to lose sight of the value that socializing and peer support can provide. With both in-person events and personal connections (online and offline), you will always have access to industry thought leaders who can help your business grow.

Strength in Numbers

While being an entrepreneur can be exciting and satisfying, it’s also challenging, so it helps to know you have the support of an entire community. Whether you want to form a coalition to challenge industry regulations or just need someone to listen, having peers to support you is critical.

Leads and Brand Visibility

A professional community can also offer marketing and public relations tools that you can then leverage to generate leads and conversions. Don’t forget, your fellow members are potential leads for your business—what you offer professionally may be useful to them, and vice versa.

Attention on Industry News

It is easy to work in a vacuum, handling daily operations, putting out fires, and living and breathing your own business. However, you may find that distracts you from what is going on around you, including events and breakthroughs that impact your industry or the overall business environment. Joining a curated community keeps you grounded to what is happening that could potentially impact your business, as well as to ideas that might change your strategy or perception of what your customers need and want.