About Freda Builders

Freda Builders has been providing building services to the Jersey shore and throughout New Jersey since 1923. As 4th generation builders, we specialize in wood frame construction.

Whether you want a new home constructed or a kitchen remodeled, Freda Builders will handle any vision the homeowner or future homeowner has in mind.

If you are unsatisfied with outdated rooms and appliances that are reducing the value of your home and making you pay more in energy bills, we are only a phone call away. For 94 years we have provided free consultations and investigations when looking at a potential job as well as free estimates.

As for any homeowner, Freda Builders values your time and the hard earned money you worked towards to remodel or add on to your home with the highest level of service.

As for investors, we are always willing to assist in home flips. Home building and remodeling is fun and exciting. Helping an investor put a profit in their pocket and move a family into their new home is rewarding for all. 

Freda Builders thanks you for your time and patience and looks forward to doing business with you and your friends.