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About Kirms Printing


Family Owned And Operated Since 1927

Our company was founded in 1926, by Albert Henry Kirms. It began as one small printing press in the basement of its founder’s Bradley Beach home. As the only employee, Albert printed labels for a local paint company. His father worked for that paint company and they would hire him to print the labels for the next days paints and specials. This meant all of his work had to be done over night and ready to go first thing in the morning.

Times were not the greatest and the work was not guaranteed, but he saw a future in the printing business. Before long Albert had expanded the company’s client list and was able to focus on the print shop full time. He was even able to hire a few employees! After buying a building and opening its doors to the public, he started getting a lot of work off the street, printing for local businesses, and even printing for schools. Among those employees were his two sons, Albert George Kirms and Harry Kirms. The work load was intense and the staff was small. They would have to lay out all the type, one letter at a time, in a clamp and press it on each sheet.

Things have sure changed. After years of hard work, he passed the business on to his son, Albert. As the new leader he had some visions of his own for the future of the company. It was he who decided to grow in new directions. He invested in larger equipment and began the senior newsletters we all read and love today. Kirms Printing Co. quickly out grew the small building in Bradley Beach and bought an old fire house on Main St. in Avon by the Sea. This new building gave them a lot more room for growth.

Eventually, Albert retired and left the business to his two sons, Bill and Jim. They flourished in the driver seat and were able to expand on the company in their own ways. They grew fast and the company out grew its firehouse and purchased a building in Neptune, where we are today. The fourth generation of Kirms’ are here now and working hard. The best attribute to our company hard work and dedication. To us that means our first priority is to insure that the customers have an easy path to a great product. Our team will help you get set up and will be there every step of the way.