Steven Cucinelli, LUTCF, FSCP

Steven Cucinelli, LUTCF, FSCP

Managing Director at International Planning Alliance, LLC
P: 848-456-3071
F: 732-544-2037


About Steve

I focus my practice on helping families and small business owners achieve financial security for not only their life time but for the generations that will come after them. By getting to know what my clients are truly trying to achieve in life I am able to help guide them on how to protect what they already have, grow their money as efficiently as possible for the future and eventually pass what they have built on to the people and causes they love and support. 

As part of my practice I make it my mission to mentor and advise new associates joining our industry so that they can also make a positive and lasting impact on their community.

When I'm not working with clients or new associates at International Planning Alliance my wife, daughters and I enjoy traveling and spending time with our family.