Eric Wilson

Tim Duffy

VP Sales and Operations at Eco-Enterprise, Inc.
P: +1 201-705-2260

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I have dedicated the last two decades to developing, training and managing leaders. I have grown teams from the ground up to have breakthroughs in performance. It brings my life great meaning joy to help people succeed and grow.

I have 16+ years of leadership, learning and organizational development training. I also have 8 years of sales management and project management experience. As a result, my teams have achieved ambitious goals breaking company records on sales and retention.

Nearly two decades of sales and leadership management experience across multiple departments with history of breaking sales and account management records

2 years experience working for U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 2 - Performance Track; helping business become voluntarily sustainable

Mission: To drive sustainability for companies, nonprofits and governments while saving them money.


We are a consulting firm committed to The Triple Bottom Line 

People, Planet and Profit.

We offer a revolutionary approach:

  1. Unique Financial Solutions
    - Identify unknown overcharges and acquire refunds
  2. Cutting-Edge Technologies
    - Allocate new capital towards sustainable products/services for increased ROI
  3. eco-system Smart City Building Automation
    - Monitor and control infrastructure with customized cloud-based software and IOT-based hardware