Episode 14: Christopher Church, PCS

Meet Christopher Church from PCS, one of the newest members to join our chapter. He holds the IT Services seat in our group.

This week he shared a little about his journey to PCS and provided us an overview of what PCS does and how it helps its clients. He also shared a few examples of some of the types of problems they solve, such as ransomware.

Ransomware is a form of malware that encrypts a victim’s files. The attacker then demands a ransom from the victim to restore access to the data upon payment. Users are shown instructions for how to pay a fee to get the decryption key.

One such victim of a ransomware attack was a chicken farm that utilized technology to feed their chickens on a schedule. Yes, a chicken farm. It’s amazing to think about all the types of businesses that both use technology and that can be the target of a cyber attack.

Either way, if you’re not sure if you need Managed IT services, it’s worth reaching out to Chris to find out. You can contact him at cchurch@helpmepcs.com.