Episode 40: Eric Wilson, I Am Digital Media LLC

Most business owners and companies know that presenting yourself or your employees professionally is important to standing out from their competition online and building trust with their audience.

But no one wants to relive their school picture day by awkwardly posing for their headshot. It’s difficult to find a photographer and videographer who can make you look natural and professional at an affordable price without a logistical hurdle.

That’s where Eric Wilson from I Am Digital Media LLC comes in.

For nearly a decade, Eric has honed his skills and expertise by working in a variety of media from wedding photography and videography, TV commercials, corporate videos, dance videos, documentary-style interviews, dance videos, and more.

He can even assist you with writing a script for your corporate video or commercial.

Watch Eric’s presentation to see some samples of his work. Then call Eric today to schedule your new headshot or 30-second commercial video for the spring so you can stand out from your competition and build trust with your audience.