Episode 41: William Ramos, Marrero Auto Group

Picture it. You’re behind the steering wheel. After adjusting a few settings, the driver’s seat feels like the heavens molded it for you and you alone.
You gander at all the incredible features of this vehicle that just rolled out of the factory. You start the ignition and feel the roar of the engine like you’re about to blast off into outer space.
The deep hum and vibration of the engine continues. You’re lulled into a daydream about all the adventures you’re going to take when this baby is yours.
Until the salesperson taps on the glass, startling you from your daydream. They begin talking about all the extra fees, costs, and interest rates for your lease.
With every new fee or line item, the reality of that new vehicle – and your daydream – slips further out of reach.
If you want to avoid that kind of heartbreak in the future, call William Ramos from Marrero Auto Group.
He’ll also save you from spending endless hours at a dealership. He and his team will shop for you and get you the best deal possible.
They’ll even deliver your brand new vehicle to your home or office.