Episode 56: Dave Moir, ResCom Inspections, LLC

Dave A. Moir, Sr., president and owner of ResCom Inspections, LLC, a veteran-owned and operated company, gives a presentation on Radon.

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas, which has always been a part of our environment; however, it’s an unwelcome part of our home environment.

He goes over testing and mitigation procedures and also answers questions like:

  • I have a Radon mitigation system installed but what do the lines on the tube mean? Do they indicate Radon levels?
  • What’s a good Radon testing kit for the home?
  • My neighbor recently got a Radon test complete. Would those test results cover my house too?

You can watch Dave’s presentation above and then visit his website at http://rescominspections.us/ to schedule an inspection.