Episode 66: David M. Muldowney, Jr., David M. Muldowney, Jr., CPA

Are you up to date with your financial reporting and tracking with your business? If not, how do you know how well your business is doing?

Bookkeeping software like Quickbooks can help you keep track of that data.

However it’s important to review those reports to find trends. Reports such as Accounts Receivable Aging can help you track if clients are consistently paying 60/90/120 days late. Or if your payables are getting old, then it means you’re not bringing in enough revenue.

If you aren’t able to manage this process yourself – either because you’re too busy or don’t have enough expertise, then consider hiring an experienced professional like David M. Muldowney, Jr., CPA, MST, PFS from David M. Muldowney, Jr. Certified Public Accountants.

David and his family-owned and operated company have offices located in Colts Neck and Little Silver. He’ll take you beyond the numbers, so you can get back to business.