Putting Your Best Foot Forward


Presented by Robert F. Schillberg, Jr., Esq.

488178005_handshakeYour Customers Do Make Decisions Based on Both Your Personal and Business Image

First Impressions Count…remember to:

  • Present the Right Physical Image
    • Neat, wrinkle-free clothes
    • Exceptional personal hygiene
    • Breath mints – NOT chewing gum
    • Shine shoes
    • DON’T flirt, wear inappropriate/revealing clothing – it undermines credibility, or may even open one to ridicule
  • Body Language Speaks Volumes
    • Posture – erect; shoulders back; chest out; stomach in
    • Always speak clearly and with confidence, emotion and vitality
    • Remember – SMILE!
    • Maintain eye contact
    • Firm handshake – but don’t cripple your companion
    • DON’T “Buy-Back the Sale” by talking too much – listen to the other person
  • Present the Right Emotional Image
    • Promptness – if you’re not early, you’re late
    • Be respectful of the other person’s time
    • Always be respectful and courteous to all (you never know who’s watching – if you’d be ashamed for your mom to see or hear you, then don’t say or do it)
    • DON’T cover-up or hide your mistakes – honesty is the best policy – not only morally right, but clients will respect you and your credibility is enhanced

Project a Positive Business Image…remember to:

  • Keep the office, reception area and your desk neat and clean – it demonstrates logical thinking
  • Customer service and consideration is your number one concern – have a courteous and knowledgeable staff
  • Dress code for yourself and your staff – you must set the bar for neatness and courtesy – lead by example
  • Use your reception area as a first opportunity to reach your customer – use your office literature to sell your business
  • Surround yourself with books on your area of expertise or business – you ARE the expert, so SHOW IT!
  • Return phone calls/emails promptly – you never know what new business is out there
  • Proofread and maintain a high quality of your business writing
  • ALWAYS do what you promise to do

Key Point to Consider In Your Own Office:

  • Stop and listen/observe your staff’s interaction with clients or customers
  • Consider engaging a “Secret Shopper” to report back to you on good/bad points of their visit
  • Take a few extra minutes every day to look at yourself and evaluate your own personal image – “Would I do business with someone who presents the image that I see in the mirror?”
  • Evaluate your own offices as soon as you walk in the door – “What do I like about this office?” and, perhaps more importantly, “What do I NOT like about this office?” – then do something about it!
  • Ask your customers – “What do you like (or not like) about my office?” or “In what way can I improve my ability to best serve your needs?”