Episode 70: Tim Duffy, Eco-Enterprise, Inc.

Our speaker this week was Tim Duffy from Eco-Enterprises, Inc.

He shared a little bit of his backstory, history of leadership development, and environmental advocacy.

His company, Eco-Enterprises, is a consulting firm that helps companies save money through green/efficiency technology innovations. Businesses can reinvest this reclaimed money into sustainable products or services for increased ROI. One such technology that’s been around but hasn’t fully caught on yet is PoE lighting which uses Power over Ethernet technology to connect, monitor, and control LED light fixtures used in smart building solutions. Smart PoE lighting reduces installation and operating costs by more than half and helps building owners meet wellness and sustainability goals.

Tim also helps individuals save money by identifying unknown overcharges and negotiating better rates through a bill negotiation.

Bill Negotiation –  You are overpaying your monthly bills for your home or business. If you want to save $100+ on your monthly bills, click on this link and watch the video. Upload pictures of your bills and contact info and save. No risk, no upfront cost- contingency based service.

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Most common bills you are overpaying:

  1. Mobile
  2. Internet
  3. Cable
  4. Satellite Radio
  5. Satellite TV
  6. Phone
  7. Electricity
  8. Pest Control
  9. Water Delivery
  10. Propane/Oil Delivery
  11. Magazine/Newspaper subscriptions
  12. Storage Facility
  13. Trash